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Dou dou bunny is the baby's first cuddly toy.


The fabric has been enriched with a new Silver Plus Protection formula, which uses silver ions. Thanks to the form of nanoparticles, silver is invisible to the eye and is imperceptible to the touch. However, it has many desirable properties. Enhances the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo. Bamboo self-sterilizes and neutralizes unpleasant odors. Thanks to silver ions, it also has a beneficial effect on the child's skin, regular contact with materials containing them improves skin health and soothes inflammatory changes.

Why bamboo muslin bunny from Samiboo:

  • antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odour properties,
  • absorb water up to 60% better than a regular cotton diaper,
  • do not sensitize, are safe for the delicate skin of a newborn and an older child, also if it has problems with hypersensitive skin,
  • absorb UV rays.


  • muslin bamboo 100% with silver ions
  • head filling: 100% polyester


  • height 25cm +/- 3cm
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees
  • Do not wash by hand
  • spinning 800 revolutions


  • Oeko-tex standard 100

Product designed and manufactured in Poland.

Samiboo Dou Dou

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