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Sit back and enjoy a delicious espresso prepared by your mini-Barista with this beautiful Espresso machine in Label house style. It is made of high-quality FSC certified wood and has been provided with the Label Label colours and symbols using child-friendly water-based paint.

The Label Label Espresso Machine not only looks fantastic, you can also operate it like a real coffee machine... Place the coffee beans in the portafilter, indicate how strong the coffee should be, do you want 1 cup or 2 cups... and let's get started! As a finishing touch, apply the magical frothy 'crema' layer with the foam pipe. The espresso machine comes with 2 cups with spoon, a milk cup, and 3 coffee pods.

The real-look and operation of this coffee machine will undoubtedly encourage children to engage in fun role-play. Not only does this stimulate their creativity and imagination, they also learn how to interact and practice their hand-eye coordination.

The Espresso machine looks very nice in the room/kitchen, but is also an ideal addition to your Label Label kitchen and other kitchen accessories.

Enjoy your coffee moment!

Espresso Machine Wooden Toy

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