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Heat pad with oat bag

Oats are a perfect heat store - chubby and warm. The oat bag is intended for heating in the oven (detailed instructions can be found further down on this page). With the warm oat filling, the heat pad relieves small aches and pains.

Instructions for use/heat pads
Read these instructions carefully, follow them and keep them ready for reference. The special notes on the oat bag itself must also be observed.

Warm up the bag in the oven: Preheat the oven to 75°C. Before heating, remove the oat bag from the outer shell and place on a clean grate. Slide the grate into the oven on the middle rail. Leave in the oven for a maximum of 15 minutes. Remove oat bags from the oven and check the temperature of the oat bag before returning it to the outer shell. The temperature must not exceed hand heat. You should hold the oat bag in your hand for this check.

Plush: 100% polyester;
Polycotton: 60% cotton, 40% polyester


Size 20 cm

Age recommendation 1m+

Special instructions in the safe handling of the heat pads:

Never use the oat bag without an outer shell for the child. The oat bag should be replaced if discoloration and burns appear. This can be caused by incorrect handling (overheating or overdrying).
Place oat bags only in the clean and dry outer shell. Store oat bags in a dry and cool place to avoid nucleation.
The heat pad must not be used on premature babies and children under 1 month of age.
The oat bag is intended for heating in the oven. When using microwaves (example: 600 watts about 1.5 minutes), wait about 5 minutes after the 1st hand heat test and a second hand heat test must be carried out before inserting it into the textile shell, as a temperature increase is to be expected.

Ben Warmer Heat Pad

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