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  • Handmade model hot air balloons by Authentic Models

  • Iconic and inspiring helium filled balloons were one of aviation’s first successes. Since 1783, balloons have traveled the skies

  • Authentic Models hot air balloons encompass a vintage aesthetic, giving every individual balloon a unique story. Use your imagination & create your own little story, Group different sized balloons together for a spectacular display in children’s bedrooms, use them to theme a birthday party or even a quirky wedding

  • Our large model comes complete with a rattan basket hanging from hand-knotted netting and wood toggles

  • The large balloon carries sand bags at the ready for release as ballast

  • Hot Air Balloons come in 4 sizes

       Small H 13cm W 8.5cm D 8.5cm 'Floating In The Skys'

       Medium H 30cm W 18cm D 18cm 'Travels Light'

       Large H 56cm W 32cm D32cm 'Royal Aero'

       Xtra Large H 70cm W 42cm D42cm

  • Please note these balloons are not a toy

Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon 'Travels Light' 30cm

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